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Bonaire is first of all a paradise for divers and skin-divers. Really 'a divers paradise' as it is called by visitors. The island is worldly known for its reefs, nice fish stocks and the fact that you are free to dive along the coast. There is a colourful reef around the entire island with large diversity of coral and fishes.

The coast and the sea around Bonaire form the Bonaire Marine Park, a protected above and under water nature area where the visitor is restricted to certain rules. Particularly along the west coast there are as many as 80 dive and skin-diving spots marked with yellow stones. You can just dive into the turquoise water from the rocks and the small beaches. If you rent a car, you can make a trip along those diving spots and explore them on your own. There are small parking places present at the diving spots. When you see 3 cars parked already you can just drive further until you find a quieter place!

A few popular dive ticks are such as: - Angel City; - Vista Blue; - Karpata; - Klein Bonaire: an uninhabited small island near the coast of Bonaire. Many sea turtles are spotted here; - Hilma Hooker: a shipwreck lying at a depth of approximately 18-30 meters. If you enjoy diving during the night you can do so from the Town Pier near Kralendijk.

sunken ship at Bonaire
seafish at Bonaire
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