The Goto Lake
A wonderful lake that flows into the sea, because of this there are thousands of flamingos, which feed themselves with the food that gives them their typical pink colour. The observation post nearby provides a fantastic view of the lake and the direct surroundings.

Washington Slagbaai National Park
A beautiful protected nature area where you can do excursions by car. But only with a pick-up, because the roads are rough and difficult to manoeuvre. There is a lot to see: a great diversity of flora and fauna. There are also great dive and skin-diving sites. It's a "must" for the nature lovers.

The salt production of Bonaire is historic, and it is also the first and most important income of the island. From all directions, the clear white mounts are visible. The salt is produced in the saltpans. The natural process of production gives different strong colours to the pans: from turquoise to flamingo pink. It is a feast for the eye!

Slave Huts
There is a collection of renovated slave huts along the south coast. The slaves worked in the saltpans in the 17th and 18th century and stayed there during the week.

slave huts at Bonaire
Saltpans at Bonaire
The Lizard Inn Bonaire
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